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The Folladors is a family passionate about their wine-making heritage. Neither stuck in the past nor daunted by modernity, they have quietly gone about marrying traditional vineyard cultivation with the latest production techniques to create wines that are highly respected among their peers.

Carefully selected grapes first undergo a rigorous cryomaceration. The wines are then fermented in small autoclaves for up 120 days. The maximum annual production yield is 13,500 kg per hectare (12,000 kg for Cartizze). These DOCG superior grapes are restricted to a limited area of Valdobbiadene – Conegliano, including the famous Torri di Credazzo’s, a family’s property, southwest facing vineyards.

Follador Winery is located in Col San Martino. The entire winery covers an area of 3 hectares and is split into three specific sections for fermentation, bottling and the cellars. This permits Follador to conduct the entire process of production, from harvest to bottling, on site.

The majority of the Follador vineyards are developed for the production of Valdobbiadene Superiore. They are critically positioned to face south-southwest, where sun exposure is dominant and preferable for ripening. We also use selected grapes from local farmers, whose input has led to strong friendships that have lasted through the years and contributed to the special flavour of Follador Prosecco.


  • Follador – Prosecco Magnum Valdobbiadene
  • Follador – Prosecco Magnum Treviso DOC
  • Follador – Prosecco Valdobbiadene
  • Follador – Prosecco Treviso
  • Follador – Prosecco Cuvee Rose
  • Follador – Frizzante Spago DOC