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Krombacher Pils – A pearl of Nature

No.1 Premium Beer in Germany

In Germany each second, 60 glasses of Krombacher Pils are enjoyed

Situated in beautiful natural surroundings, the pure Felsquellwasser (mountain spring water) provides the essence of purity that is captured in the unmistakable taste adventure that Krombacher Pils brings us. The taste of our beer is quite decisively characterized by the water it is brewed with.

With Krombacher Pils you enjoy a distinctive, finely bitter taste and a full-flavoured aroma.Our modern production processes enhance the traditional recipe whilst complimenting the natural products that have been used for generations to create the unique brew that is Krombacher Pils.

ABV 4.8%

 30L keg, 33cl Bottle, 6x33cl Bottle, 50cl Can, 6x50cl Can

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Krombacher Weizen

One of Germany’s best wheat beers

A fruity, full-bodied and naturally cloudy Wheat beer that has been refined through our rigorous selection of the perfect hops, that add the distinct flavour to Krombacher Wheat.

Important vitamins, proteins and minerals are preserved during the brewing process, producing a naturally tangy Weizen, golden in colour and with the unique characteristic Krombacher flavour.

ABV 5.3%

30L Keg, 50cl Bottle

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Krombacher Non-Alcoholic

Best Selling Non-Alcoholic Pils in Cyprus

The non-alcoholic beer is brewed in the same way with Krombacher Pils, with the same fresh Felsquellwasser (mountain spring water) and malt content. It then goes through a process of de-alcoholisation developed especially in Krombach, which enables the beer to retain the unique aroma which originates during the brewing process. It is no wonder therefore, with these credentials, that this isotonic thirst quencher is the most popular Pils in Germany!

ABV 0.5%

33cl Bottle, 6x33cl Bottle

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