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Budejovicky Budvar Lager

The original Czech Budvar Beer!

Our pale lager is beer for real connoisseurs

A 700 year old tradition of brewing Budejovice beer, brewed from nothing but local natural materials in a 100 days brewing cycle (90 spent fermenting) it is universally regarded as one of the world’s great lager conditioned beers.

Budejovicky Budvar Brewery relates to the place of its origin, the city of Budweis (Ceske Budejovice) in the Czech Republic. The tradition of the production of beer in Budweis began in 1265.

ABV 5.0%

30L Keg, 33cl Bottle, 4x33cl Bottle, 50cl Can, 4x50cl Can

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Budejovicky Budvar Dark Lager

Awarded Best Lager in the World

The premium dark lager has complemented Budejovicky Budvar Brewery’s traditional product range since 2004. It is brewed in the same way as the original pale lager, using first-class Saaz hops, Moravian malt, water drawn from 300-metre deep artesian wells and three types of special color malted barley.

The beer is characterized by a distinctly dark colour and a dry and mildly bitter caramel flavour without any dominant sweetness.

ABV 4.7%

33cl Bottle

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Budejovicky Budvar non-alcoholic

Drinking beer and driving? Why not if it is our Budvar Non-Alcoholic Lager. Brewing traditions of Budějovice beer and using top-quality natural ingredients make this beverage only suitable for those who do not want to refrain from its delicious, full flavour and at the same time are not allowed to drink regular beer because of their profession.

ABV 0.5%

33cl Bottle, 6x33cl Bottle

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