June 2009

Richard Sands Named #1 on Decanter's 2009 Power List

Richard Sands Named #1 on Decanter's 2009 Power List

Richard Sands, Chairman of the Board at Constellation Brands, has been named #1 on Decanter magazine’s 2009 Power List. The list, which is compiled every two years, ranks the 50 most influential people in the wine world who directly influence the style of wine consumed today.

In naming Sands, Decanter cited Constellation’s recent high-profile acquisitions, such as last year’s purchase of the Clos du Bois and Wild Horse brands, as well as the company’s focus on quality and move toward a more premium portfolio of brands. This is the second time Sands was given the top spot; he also held it in 2005.

In compiling the list, Decanter consulted a wide range of wine writers, sommeliers, industry leaders, and winemakers. For more information please visit www.decanter.com.


Raise a glass and your spirits and Celebrate International Cachaça Day with Sagatiba

The 12th June is International Cachaça day! So lift a toast and your spirits Brazilian style with some Sagatiba to celebrate.

On June 12th, 1744, the Portuguese Crown declared that the production, distribution, and sale of Cachaça would be deemed illegal in the Portuguese Colony of Brazil. Today marks the 265th anniversary of the Portuguese declaration, which fortunately was reversed by the fun loving Brasilians, who embraced the Cachaça as its national Spirit, which today is the third most consumed spirit in the world.

Since its launch in 2004, Sagatiba has been a pioneer for high-end Cachaça and is now the world’s best selling premium Cachaça. Distilled from fresh sugar cane juice, the finished product is exceptionally pure, with unparalleled smoothness and a seductive taste – resulting in a versatile spirit that is the definitive spirit to create the classic Brazilian Caipirinha cocktail. Sagatiba works equally well in a whole range of mixes, making an interesting alternative to vodka and other premium spirits.


Five Double Gold Medals for Glenfarclas in the San Francisco World Spirits Competition

Glenfarclas has scooped five Double Gold Medals at the San Francisco World Spirits Competition. Following the annual tasting, the judges have awarded Double Gold to:
• Glenfarclas 12 Years Old
• Glenfarclas 17 Years Old
• Glenfarclas 21 Years Old
• Glenfarclas 25 Years Old
• Glenfarclas 105 Cask Strength

The San Francisco World Spirits Competition, now in its ninth year, attracts over 800 entrants from around the world, and judging is based on taste alone.

‘We entered five expressions, and won five Double Golds, which is a fantastic result, has exceeded our expectations, and is a credit to all at Glenfarclas’, said George Grant, Sales Director.

‘The San Francisco World Spirits Competition has confirmed what we’ve known for many years, that Glenfarclas is among the very finest Single Malt Scotches in the world. Their spirit of independence and family atmosphere are refreshing to see in this era, and their whisky making expertise comes through in every bottle’, said Kevin Richards, Brand Manager of The Sazerac Company of New Orleans, the Glenfarclas importer in the United States

To read more about the San Francisco World Spirits Competition go to www.sfspiritscomp.com.


KWV wines win awards at the International Wine Challenge

KWV is proud to announce that at the 2009 edition of the International Wine Challenge held in the United Kingdom, one of the globe’s most prestigious wine competitions, their wines continued the long tradition of scooping top awards. The Wine Challenge results were announced on Tuesday, the 12th of May 2009, at the London International Wine Show. The results show a continued story of KWV’s commitment to producing superior quality wines in line with consumer expectations in the increasingly competitive wine industry.

At this year’s competition, KWV won a Gold Medal Award for the KWV Mentors Chenin Blanc 2006, a Silver Medal Award for Cathedral Cellar Shiraz 2006, and KWV Reserve Sauvignon Blanc 2008. These wines have continued to perform exceptionally well over time and KWV is delighted to have been recognised with these accolades.

On top of the above awards, KWV also gathered a handful of other awards across its big brands Cathedral Cellar, KWV Reserve and Laborie. This is further testimony to the continued commitment the company has placed over the years on producing, marketing and selling wines of high quality which over-deliver beyond consumers’ expectations in many markets where the brands are marketed. “This is extremely exciting news and does give us confidence in our efforts and we will definitely endeavour to continue improving the quality of the wines that emanate from our cellars” said Richard Rowe, the Chief Wine Maker at KWV.

The company has consistently won top awards for their wines entered at this and other major wine competitions and has a proud history of producing fine wine under its major brand labels. KWV’s Commercial Director, Craig Stewart is thrilled with the news. “It is very important for us to win top awards at these competitions as it shows our commitment to providing our

KWV is one of the five largest wine and brandy producers in South Africa. Its head office is located in Paarl, in the Western Cape region, the country’s top wine producing region. The company sources wines and grapes from the best and most sought after viticultural regions in South Africa.


CORE – Cider with a WKD side!

WKD, Britain’s best-selling RTD brand, is branching out into the cider market with the launch of WKD Core – a revolutionary new 4.5% ABV apple cider which aims to shake up the cider market and bring a new dimension to the highly successful WKD range.

The launch marks a new ground-breaking milestone in the 13-year history of the brand as it’s the first time the WKD name will appear on a non-spirit-based product since WKD Original Iron Brew was launched in the UK by Beverage Brands in 1996.

Packaged in 500ml green bottles featuring the familiar WKD logo above an ‘Apple Cider’ descriptor, WKD Core is being launched to the trade from early May.

WKD Core is aimed at attracting consumers from three key groups: extending usage amongst existing WKD drinkers; lapsed WKD drinkers who still have a strong affinity with the brand; and new recruits who like the personality and humour of the WKD brand but don’t drink RTDs.

Explaining the rationale behind the launch of WKD Core, Debs Carter, Marketing Director at Beverage Brands, says: “We see this as a huge opportunity to broaden the appeal of the WKD brand and at the same time bring a new edge to the cider category which is continuing to flourish."

“We believe there is still room for expansion by taking a different approach. Research has shown that there is demand amongst cider consumers for a sweeter, lighter cider drink with a more modern image4. There’s undoubtedly a place in the market for a cider with a WKD side.

“With the launch of WKD Core we’ll be drawing heavily on WKD’s brand cues - its unique brand personality and contemporary feel - as well as a different flavour and taste profile to distinguish WKD Core from its competitors.


Hardys Named the World's Most Powerful Wine Brand

For the fourth consecutive time, Hardys has been named the world’s most powerful Australian wine brand in an annual study of the world’s top wine and spirits brands. First released in 2006, The Power 100 list is produced by UK based brand valuation consultancy, Intangible Business, with more than 10,000 wine and spirit brands researched across the globe.

Hardys Winemaker Paul Lapsley contributed the ranking to the consistency and innovation of the Hardys range of wines over more than 150 years since the brand’s establishment.

"Whether we are creating our flagship Thomas Hardy Cabernet or one of our newer, innovative blends in The Gamble Chardonnay Pinot Gris, our wines receive equal care and attention," he said. "Over the past 18 months we have been focused on expanding our wine range and introducing new regions, blends, varieties and stories to our consumers. Most recently, this has included releasing our HRB (Heritage Reserve Bin) wines, which continue the famous Hardys tradition of blending the best of a variety from two or three standout regions to create a wine that is greater than the sum of all parts."

Mr Lapsley also commended the efforts of the many people involved in the success of Hardys over the years, with great commitment and determination to promoting Hardys on the world stage.

"I would particularly like to recognise the outstanding dedication and ability of our viticultural team and growers around Australia, who ensure we start the winemaking process with the highest quality fruit possible," he said. "Hardys’ founder, Thomas Hardy, had a long term vision to create wines that would be prized around the world, and this announcement is tribute to his original vision for Hardys," he said.

The Hardys range of wines includes the acclaimed Thomas Hardy Cabernet and Eileen Hardy Shiraz and Chardonnay, the new HRB cross regional blends, the Oomoo South Australian regional range of Oomoo wines, the new Chronicles blends, Nottage Hill and our Sir James sparkling range.

The Power 100 list is based on the following measures:
- Share of market - volume based measure of market share
- Brand growth - projected growth based on 10 years historical data and future trends
- Price positioning - a measure of a brand’s ability to command a premium
- Market scope - number of markets in which the brand has a significant presence
- Brand awareness - a combination of prompted and spontaneous awareness
- Brand relevancy - capacity to relate to the brand and a propensity to purchase
- Brand heritage - a brand’s longevity and a measure of how it is embedded in local culture
- Brand perception - loyalty and how close a strong brand image is to a desire for ownership