April 2006

Hoegaarden, Belgium's Original White Beer, Takes Gold at the 2006 World Beer Cup Competition

NORWALK, Conn., April 20 /PRNewswire/ - Hoegaarden, Belgium's original white beer, took first place in the Belgium-style wheat beer category in the 2006 Brewers Association World Beer Cup Competition. Emerging victorious over 31 other entries in the class, Hoegaarden (pronounced "WHO-garden") was awarded the gold medal in what is referred to as the Olympics of Beer Competitions. This year's World Beer Cup brought together a panel of 109 expert judges from around the world to judge 2,221 entries from 540 breweries in 56 countries.

Belgium's unique style of wheat beer is called "witbier" in Flemish, "biere blanche" in French and simply "white beer" in English. It is called white beer because of the thick white head and distinctive cloudy appearance.

Hoegaarden today still uses centuries-old brewing methods. It is made with 45% unmalted wheat, is top-fermented and finished through classic bottle or keg conditioning. The beer remains unfiltered throughout the entire brewing process, allowing the savory sediment to be retained in the beer, thus delivering the special color, aroma, texture and flavor -- the unique Hoegaarden experience. The beer's shimmering, cloud appearance is mirrored by its one-of-a-kind taste -- soft, refreshing with a hint of citrus and spice. The Curacao orange peel and coriander are traditional ingredients originally added to balance the sourness of white beer when it was made by spontaneous fermentation in wooden kegs. The result is a refreshing beer that is perfect for summer.


DESRAS takes over distribution of Staropramen, Tennents and Bass

With effect from April 1st, InBev, the world's largest brewer has appointed DESRAS as the exclusive importers and distributors for its STAROPRAMEN, TENNENTS and BASS brands in Cyprus.

Desras already import and distribute a number of InBev leading brands such as Stella Artois, Brahma, Leffe, Hoegaarden, Boddingtons and Belle-Vue.

All brands are available in packaged and draught form