October 2006


DESRAS trading has began a cooperation with SPI spirits for the import, sale and distribution of Kremlyovskaya (KREMLY) vodka.

Kremly is made in Kaliningrad, Russia, which is to be found between Lithuania and Poland on the shores of the Baltic Sea.

Kremly is produced by SPI Group, one of the world’s largest spirits companies, at the SPI-RVVC Distillery.
The distillery was originally established in 1946, and over the years it gradually asserted its pre-eminence in the industry, culminating in the ongoing programme of diversification and development that reflects its position at the cutting edge of distillation technology. Today the distillery has a production capacity of 50 million litres per year.

Producing Kremly is a complex and finely-balanced process that requires the utmost precision and care. The basic ingredient is deluxe quality grain spirit. Water and spirit are subject to a unique 12-stage filtration process, during which any impurities are removed and the distinctive Kremly purity and clarity develop. The key to the Kremly taste is a particular balance of sugar, salt and rye extract, the exact combination of which is a closely-guarded secret.

Just as crucial, however, is the speed at which the whole filtration process is conducted. This is an art which only Kremly’s expert vodka makers can master.

Kremly is available immediately in a 70cl and a 100cl bottle format.