January 2006

Limited edition Stella Artois bottles

Stella Artois Aluminum Bottle
Available in a limited edition design, is the new Stella Artois Aluminum Bottle. The design has changed since last year and has become a real collector's item.


Arrival of Belle-Vue brand

DESRAS announces the arrival of Belle-Vue Kriek beer from InBev's porfolio.

Belle Vue is the world's leading producer of lambic beers and their blends - spontaneously fermented and aged in wooden casks.

Belle-Vue Kriek is made by macerating fresh cherries in the lambic, which gives a burgundy hue and a refreshingly fruity taste to the beer.

The Belle-Vue beers should be served in the traditional Belle-Vue glass at a temperature between 2° and 3°C.

Available immediately in a 375ml bottle with a cork stopper


New Jean Claude Boisset 1er Cru wines

We are pleased to annouce the arrival of two new premier cru wines from Jean Claude Boisset:

Pommard 1er Cru Chaponnieres
Between Beaune and Volnay are the vast vineyards of Pommard, extending out on either side of a monumental coomb. This gives rise to two types of wine: from vines which ‘plunge’ downwards towards Beaune to the north, and from those growing on the hillsides to the south, on the Volnay side… and it is precisely here, at mid-slope, that we find Les Chaponnières, whose terroir consists of clay and limestone pebbles, with iron oxides which add a red hue to the ground and structure to the wines.

Chambolle-Musigny 1er Cru Les Charmes
This appellation is one of the smallest and most fragmented in the Côte: it covers a mere 97ha, of which is planted as Village, 50ha as Premier Cru and 25ha as Grand Cru. The village has fairly homogenous terroirs with an easterly exposure. More than anything, the delicate, silky nature of Chambolle-Musigny derives from the character of its soil.